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Today artdiamondblog.com Turns Six

I continue to welcome comments from those who enjoy entries, or find them useful. I receive enough such comments to continue to believe that there is a "remnant" out there who benefit from the examples and evidence that I try to highlight and make accessible.

That is what matters. But for those who like stats, here are some stats:

As of 7/11/11, the Palgrave publishing house's ranking of blogs ranked mine as 96th among 481 economics blogs. (I do not know what criteria they use for their ranking.)

Gongol's most recent posted ranking was on March 15, 2011 (he emailed me on 7/11/11 that he intends to resume the postings). As of March 15, my blog was ranked 48th among the 168 economics blogs in terms of average daily pageviews and 47th among 173 economics blogs in terms of average daily visits.

Technorati ranks my blog 22,426th out of 1,273,077 blogs that they rank on all subjects as of 7/11/11. (I do not know what criteria they use for their ranking.)

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The StatCounter number above reports the number of "page loads" since the counter was installed late on 2/26/08. Page loads are defined on the site as "The number of times your page has been visited."

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