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Job Market Resilience: Going to the Dogs

LoguePatrickRealEstate.jpg  Patrick Logue the former real estate agent and current dog trainer.  Source of photo:  online version of the WSJ article cited below.


Selling homes has turned into a dog-eat-dog business, so Patrick Logue decided to work with some friendlier canines.

Mr. Logue quit his job as a real-estate agent near Fort Myers, Fla., in December. Then he set up shop as a franchisee of the dog-training chain Bark Busters. So far, he says, "I have zero regrets."

. . .

Mr. Logue, a 34-year-old former golf pro, became an agent for the Assist-2-Sell franchise chain in the Fort Myers area about three years ago. He says his commission income was nearly $100,000 in his first year and $180,000 in his second. Then it plunged to $40,000 last year. "Nothing was selling," he says.


For the full story, see:

JAMES R. HAGERTY and ANJALI ATHAVALEY.  "Amid Slump, Real-Estate Agents Hang Up Their Blazers; Housing Downturn Leads To an Industry Shakeout; Seeking Alternative Careers."  The Wall Street Journal  (Weds., February 7, 2007):  B6. 

(Note:  ellipsis added.)


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